Caltech Letters is a new online publication geared towards bringing you world-class research in the words of the researchers themselves. We help members of the Caltech community communicate their research and share their viewpoints on the interplay between science and the broader world. The articles are written for non-specialists, to allow readers to grasp the significance of the work and take part in the surrounding discussion without a deep background in the specific field. Our mission is strongly underscored by a deep-seated commitment to elevating and centering traditionally underrepresented voices in science, and our sincere intention is that, through our diverse editorial board and pool of writers, we will strive to create a more interconnected and inclusive campus. We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section beneath each article, where we hope to foster discussion between readers, whether at Caltech or around the world, and with the authors themselves. We hope you join the conversation!

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Editorial board

Ollie Stephenson, Editor-in-Chief
Ollie is a graduate student in Geophysics. Originally hailing from Devon, England, he came to California in search of sun and earthquakes. He uses satellites to measure tiny motions in the earth’s crust and large computers to simulate even larger ruptures.
Giuliana Viglione, Managing Editor & Graphic Designer
Giuliana is a graduate student using underwater robots to study climate change in Antarctica. She was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006. Likes include pre-industrial levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and very cold water; dislikes include coral bleaching and gender inequity in STEM.
Jeremy Bernstein, Chief Creative Officer & Editor
Jeremy grew up in Manchester, England, where he dreamt of building a thinking machine. Now he studies learning on the high dimensional error surfaces of artificial neural networks. He enjoys bouldering because he heard it's so hot right now, and loves to hate the Bay Area where he currently resides.
Nicole Wallack, Senior Editor
Nicole is a second-year graduate student in Planetary Science at Caltech. When not studying the atmospheres of distant planets she is frequently seen ranting about the importance of the New American Cinema movement as an influence on modern film.
Milan Cvitkovic, Senior Editor
Milan is a graduate student in Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech. His research focuses on machine learning. He's also a co-founder of the Improvised Players at Caltech, an improv comedy group dedicated to repeatedly running the "Can scientists be funny?" experiment. (Results inconclusive thus far.)
Namita Sarraf, Senior Editor
As a graduate student in Bioengineering, Namita spends her days thinking about DNA computers that can process information, make decisions, and maybe even learn. Her favorite activities include drinking tea, pretending to be a musician, and waiting in line at the latest hot LA brunch spot.
Vasilije Dobrosavljevic, Editor
Hailing from sunny Florida by way of less sunny Yale University, Vasilije currently studies geophysics at Caltech, researching the physical properties of deep Earth minerals at extreme conditions. He is a big fan of Kanye, political discussion, and delicious LA food.
Aditi Narayanan, Editor
Aditi is a first-year graduate student in Biology at Caltech. Her interests include interactions between microbes and their environments and scientifically informed public policy.
Alison Koontz, Editor
Alison Koontz is a Biology graduate student studying questions in developmental biology and stem cell biology, under the guidance of Dr. Marianne Bronner. When she isn't doing science, she can usually be found scribbling poetry, performing in choreopoems, or trying to convince people that existence is just performance art.
Elise Cutts, Graphic Designer
Elise Cutts is a geology undergraduate at Caltech. Her past research experience includes modeling the ocean chemistry of Jupiter’s moon Europa and developing methods for studying Martian meteorites using imaging spectroscopy. She is a teaching assistant for Caltech’s courses in introductory biology and astrobiology and hopes to study geobiology in graduate school. Outside of research, Elise enjoys drawing and writing, and wants one day to write scientifically informed science fiction graphic novels.

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